Emizon Advanced Signalling

Emizon Advanced Signalling

Advanced signalling has arrived!

Mayfair Security is pleased to announce the arrival of Emizon 21, the advanced alarm signalling specially designed for today’s broadband environment.

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Combining enhanced premises protection with lower insurance premiums, Emizon 21 replaces the ‘weak link’ in your security system, the conventional phone line, and replaces it with two connections. The first leverages your existing broadband internet connection; the second uses the latest wireless technology from Vodafone. This powerful combination makes Emizon 21 the secure and cost effective signalling solution for any building.

Why choose Emizon 21 over traditional signalling services

  • Emizon 21 is guaranteed to work with next generation broadband and fibre networks. This means that you alarm service will continue to run smoothly as communication companies such as BT and Virgin Media embark on their recently announced plans to upgrade their networks.
  • With Emizon 21 your broadband connection is constantly monitored so you get to know if there is any disruption to your business critical communications.
  • Emizon 21 allows your alarm installer to talk directly to your alarm panel. As a result our engineers can interrogate your system and conduct routine service and maintenance procedures remotely. This means a fast response to service issues, fewer call-outs, and less inconvenience.

How does it work? 

Your Mayfair Security engineer fits a communication device, called a TCD (Telemetry Communications Device) in your alarm panel and connects this to your broadband network via a router or Ethernet network connection. The TCD also has a SIM card and aerial to communicate across Vodafone’s GPRS mobile network.

Using a unique set of encryption and secure protocols the Emizon 21 service constantly monitors both the broadband and GPRS network to check that there is always a route to send an alarm. For example if your broadband connection fails either through malicious or accidentally damage then Emizon will inform the response centre and send any further alarms over the GPRS network. It is this ability to manage the alarms over both paths that ensures that the alarm always gets through.

Traditional 'static' alarm signalling using a telephone line.

static line

Emizon 21 dynamic alarm signalling using broadband.

Emizon 21 alarm line

The Emzion TCD

Emizon tcd

Does it interfere with my broadband service or network security?

No. Emizon 21 uses outbound internet connections only generating very low data traffic so does not interfere with network secuirty, firewall settings or broadband performance.

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