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Are Burglar Alarms Worth It?

Are Burglar Alarms Worth It?

With the rise in popularity of security using CCTV and facial recognition, when it comes to protecting your home or business you may be wondering, are burglar alarms worth it?

Crime And Burglary Statistics

According to the most recent crime statistics (year ending September 2019) there was an 8% increase in reported thefts in England and Wales.

While reported burglaries were down slightly by 4%, there were still just under 400,000 last year.
45% of homeowners who increase the security of their home say they are doing so because of rising crime, such as a burglary, in their area.

Included in the crime prevention advice from the UK Police is “Install a visual burglar alarm (as part of a suite of prevention measures - a burglar alarm on its own will not prevent entry to your home)”

That last sentence is key here (no pun intended…) when you are deciding if burglar alarms are worth it.

Just installing a burglar alarm does not mean that your house is fully protected.

So, what other security measures can be taken to provide more protection?

Check Door And Window Locks

An easy way into a property for a burglar is a window that has been left open too wide, or a dodgy lock that it is easy to break.
When looking to improve the security of a home or business, do a check of all of your door and window locks.

Even check those that look like they are too high or hard to reach, as those are the locks that burglars will use to attempt to gain access.

Keep Your Keys Safe & Secure

This may seem obvious to some, but many people still leave spare keys in ‘safe’ places, under flowerpots and door mats for example.

Burglars are well aware of this and will have a thorough search of these ‘safe’ places. If they can get in with a key, they don’t have to go to the trouble of breaking in.

Make sure that keys are kept away from letterboxes too. In recent years there has been an increase in keys stolen through letterboxes using a hook.

Image of keys in an open door for blog by Mayfair on Are Burglar Alarms Worth It?

CCTV Systems

Consider getting CCTV cameras installed. When used in conjunction with a burglar alarm they provide a great deal of security protection.

Having display signs explaining that CCTV is in use in itself could prevent any theft or burglary from occurring.

CCTV footage could also be crucial in catching any criminals, from theft to arson and vandalism, the images are able to be used as evidence by the police.

Before installing any CCTV on your own, it is worth looking into getting a professional alarm installation company, like us, to do the work.

There are several rules and regulations that you need to comply with (especially if you are considering using CCTV for a business), and we will look after all of the red tape for you.

We will also make sure that the cameras are in the best positions in the property and provide regular maintenance checks to ensure that they are always operating at 100%.

Outside Lighting And Secure Fences

Security lighting for the outside of a home or business is a good alert system, both for the owner and burglars.

Burglars like to go unnoticed so anything that draws attention to them is a good move.

If you do have fences or gates around your property, check to see how secure and sturdy they are.

Do the same for any sheds or outbuildings that you have and check any padlocks to make sure they are still secure and not rusty.

Monitored Alarm Services

Any alarm system that is installed, whether it is a burglar alarm or CCTV system, relies on someone actually reacting to the alarm going off.

This time can be crucial in stopping or catching any burglars or vandals.

People have generally become a bit blasé about hearing burglar alarms and instead of reporting it as a potential crime, will just think it is annoying and not do anything at all.

Monitored alarm companies, like our sister company First Company Monitoring, provide 24-hour alarm monitoring.

They are alerted as soon as an alarm is triggered and the trained operators at the alarm receiving centre then decide to alert a keyholder or contact the emergency services.

Which means that wherever you are, or whatever time of day or night it is, you can be sure that your home or business is being looked after.

for blog by Mayfair on Are Burglar Alarms Worth It?

Are Burglar Alarms Worth It? 

Burglar alarms are worth it as a deterrent but they should only be one part of your home or business security solution. Keyholding and alarm monitoring are also essential elements.

But if you would like any further advice or guidance on burglar alarms or any of the other security solutions that are available, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can get in touch with us via our contact page here or phone us on 0808 178 074.

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