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Burglar Alarms for Flats

Burglar Alarms for Flats

 If you live in a flat, you might think you don’t need a burglar alarm. But theft happens wherever you live so burglar alarms for flats are still a good idea.

Around 14% of the UK population live in flats, according to this 2017 report. In London, however, this figure jumps to 43% of people living in flats.

Whilst it is true that intruder access to any flat above the 1st floor is trickier, it isn’t impossible.

Any flat owner should take care to protect their homes and any belongings stored in communal areas.

In this article we will explore why burglar alarms for flats are a good idea, and any other measures you can take to protect your belongings.

Do I Need A Burglar Alarm For My Flat?

Most blocks of flats have some security against intruders. Usually this takes the form of CCTV on the external doors, as well as access control. The external doors are often thicker and more secure, too.

This can be an effective preventative measure against intruders. However, they are only as effective as the people using them.
It is common for an intruder to wait for someone to open the door and slip in after then. It also isn’t unheard of for an intruder to trick their way into a flat, say by pretending to be a new resident, or visiting a friend.

And sometimes, the thief has a legitimate means of entry into the block of flats. Maybe they already live there, or are a tradesperson.

Each flat also has its own separate lockable door, of course. Ground floor flats sometimes have shutters on the windows, or windows that only open very narrowly.

But intruders do get into flats.

Image of London flats for blog by Mayfair Security on Burglar Alarms For Flats

Reasons To Get A Burglar Alarm In A Flat

If you have been looking at burglar alarms for flats you might already be on the same page as us here.

1) Ground Floor Flats Are Vulnerable

Ground floor flats are 43% more likely to be broken into, due to the fact they are easier to access. A burglar alarm in a ground floor flat will not only deter a thief mid break in, but a visible burglar alarm will prevent them from attempting it in the first place.

2) Access Control Isn’t Reliable

As we have already discussed, access control isn't wholly dependable,

It relies on everyone who lives there refusing entry to anyone who doesn’t. This assumes everyone knows everyone in a block of flats and their guests, tradesmen, and visitors.

Not very likely, is it.

Burglar alarms for flats won’t stop people gaining access to the interior of the block, but it will make your home safer if and whenpeople do gain access to communal areas.

3) Insurance Companies Sometimes Discount For Burglar Alarms In Flats

Some insurance companies insist on burglar alarms in all types of properties. This is especially true if the property is in a high risk area.

Other companies give a discount for a properly installed and maintained intruder alarm to encourage homeowners to install one. It is worth mentioning that if you say you have an alarm, and it isn't on when you are burgled, your insurance might be invalidated. So if you have one, it is advisable to use it.

What Is The Best Intruder Alarm For A Flat?

The best intruder alarm for flats will depend on your risk profile, flat layout and budget.

Many people prefer wireless alarms, but we will come and do an obligation free survey of your property to advise you.

During the survey, one of our experienced and friendly colleagues will come to your flat and talk through the options with you.

We have access to a wide range of trusted suppliers. We only choose to partner with the most reliable, technologically sound companies to supply our burglar alarms. This allows us to cherry-pick the perfect intruder alarm for your flat.

From there we expertly fit the alarms and train you on how to use them. We are also on hand afterwards for any follow-up questions you might have.

We also regularly service your intruder alarm. This is often a requirement for your insurance if you have declared you have a burglar alarm. We will come and check your alarm and provide all the paperwork you need to say it has been professionally serviced and is in good working order.

Image of a block of flats for blog by Mayfair Security on Burglar Alarms For Flats

Other Security Measures For Flats

The Met has issued some really helpful advice on keeping flats secure. You can read it here.

The article points out that it is the responsibility of everyone living in the flat to keep the flats safe.

If you notice security lights are out on the boundary of the flat, or anyone suspicious has been lurking, report it to management straight away.

Don’t let anyone follow you in through the external doors.

If there are communal storage areas, such as bike cupboards, make sure you lock them securely every time you use them.

Take care to keep the windows and doors locked when you leave the flat if you are on the ground floor, no matter how narrowly they open.

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