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CCTV In Sports And Leisure

CCTV In Sports And Leisure

Any event that has large gatherings of people needs to be carefully managed to ensure the safety of anyone attending, which is why the use of CCTV in sports and leisure is so popular and effective.

Crowd Control With CCTV In Sports

Thankfully there aren’t as many incidents as in years gone by, but sports fans, particularly some football fans are known to get quite heated and when you combine that with alcohol, can result in aggressive situations.

CCTV cameras are a good way of monitoring these types of crowds.

Quite often, trouble at large sporting events doesn’t happen during the actual match. Crowds of people bunched together, waiting to get in or out of a stadium can easily get bored, impatient and then trouble starts.

Security or stewards who are monitoring crowds on the ground aren’t always able to see the whole picture, or end up dealing with an individual and fail to spot trouble brewing somewhere else.

A CCTV monitoring room can oversee all of this and deploy people depending on how busy a crowd is or if they see a group of fans starting to become impatient and lairy.

With clubs and venues having limited resources it can mean that manpower can be used more effectively.

There’s no point having 10 security guards in a relatively peaceful area while 3 guards struggle to deal with an increasingly difficult situation somewhere else in the building.

the image shows a crowd of people at a concert at night

CCTV For Music Concerts

Similar to sporting events, music concerts have large gatherings people and quite often the lighting conditions are low, which make it even harder for security guard or stewards on foot to manage any crowds or spot any aggressive people.

Flashing lights and loud music also make it difficult to see what is happening in crowds.

Different bands bring different types of fanbase and it only takes one drunken punch or push to start a mass brawl.

Many events organisers hire mobile security companies who specialise in CCTV for these types of events.

They will carry out a risk assessment and also choose the best place to have CCTV cameras in order to minimise blind spots.

CCTV To Catch Offenders At Sports And Leisure Events

It’s not just for crowd control that CCTV is incredibly useful and a high-quality CCTV camera will be able to clearly identify individuals in a crowd.

The very nature of sports events means that they aren’t held at the same venue every week and people can travel from city to city.

Known football hooligans or criminals who haven’t been caught can easily blend into a crowd and make it hard for them to be spotted in real time by someone on the ground.

With CCTV footage, the security team and the police are able to review the film, slow it down, zoom in and enhance the picture in order to spot someone.

As we mentioned earlier, larger sporting or leisure events often hire a CCTV monitoring team to watch the event live, so a hooligan or known offender can be apprehended even quicker.

the image shows a busy crowd entering a sports venue

CCTV To Spot Hazards

People aren’t the only reason to use CCTV for sports and leisure events, they could provide to be life saving for spotting hazards and making the area safe before a tragic accident happens.

A discarded cigarette starting a bin fire, a safety barrier about to buckle, a stampede of over eager supporter breaking a door or stairs, all of these incidents could be spotted by a CCTV camera operator who can initiate an emergency procedure straight away.

Facial Recognition CCTV For Sport And Leisure

Although there are concerns and ongoing discussions about how and when it is being used, facial recognition will become used more and more widely as 2020 progresses.

Already this year we have had an instance where South Wales Police used facial recognition technology at a Cardiff City football match.

You can see in the report The Guardian wrote that it caused consternation amongst concerned fans and the human rights group Big Brother Watch.

To counter those concerns the assistant chief constable from South Wales police said that:

“the force was deploying the technology to prevent offences by individuals wanted for questioning for football-related offences, or people who had been convicted of football-related criminality and are subject to banning orders.”

He went on to say that “the data of all those captured by the technology on Sunday who were not on the “watch list” would be instantaneously deleted.”

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