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CCTV Installation For Road and Rail

CCTV Installation For Road and Rail

A quick glance at the news always shows up a story featuring CCTV footage to report a crime often on a motorway or public transport. We thought that we would look at the different ways that CCTV is being used on the roads and railways in this week’s blog, CCTV Installation For Road and Rail.

CCTV For Rail

You may be surprised to hear just how many CCTV cameras are in operation in railway stations.

British Transport Police say that they have access to 55 thousand CCTV cameras in the UK and they are all monitored by a hub in London.

They aren’t used for spying on the general public, despite what some people may fear, the purpose of using CCTV is to

“Monitor potentially hazardous situations, Identify and follow suspects, Provide powerful evidence in court and Boost public confidence with cameras acting as a deterrent”

They can use the images and footage to be used as evidence and can even monitor individuals in real time if they are a tracking a suspect.

Who Is In Charge Of CCTV Installation For Rail?

Each railway operator is in charge of managing their own CCTV systems.

For example, Network Rail are responsible for CCTV in 15 over ground railway stations in London which is an impressive total of 1,800 cameras.

the image shows a wallet sticking out of a pocket

Types Of Crime On Railways


According to figures reported by The Daily Mail, there are 45 pickpocketing thefts per 10,000 people in the UK.

As most pickpocketing incidents happen in crowded places, this makes railway stations and trains a prime spot for thieves.

The very nature of public transport means that a criminal could pocket a wallet and be out of a train station in seconds.

Which is one of the reasons why railway operators are increasingly using CCTV technology.


Vandalism often occurs in isolated areas during night and railway stations are often seen as an ideal target.

By placing signs telling the public that CCTV is in operation 24 hours a day, this alone will be enough to deter some opportunistic vandals.

Sexual Assault

As reported by The Guardian, sexual assault on the UK’s railways doubled over 5 years and the British Transport Police have stepped up to improve how quickly they deal with assault and harassment (you can now text them straight away on 61016 to report any incident).

The BTP have also launched a ‘Report It To Stop It’ campaign in order to encourage anyone travelling on the railways to notify the police of any unwanted sexual behaviour.

However, a lot of the time the perpetrators will have got off the train and been long gone before the victim has had chance to either say anything or take a photo.

By having 24-hour CCTV cameras in operation, this makes it much more possible to quickly identify and apprehend the suspect.

the image shows a traffic jam

CCTV Installation For Roads

CCTV cameras on roads and motorways aren’t just there to catch people speeding, they are also being used for automatic number pate recognition (ANPR) and for monitoring traffic.

Highways England are responsible for managing traffic monitoring cameras in this country and you will have benefitted from them even if you didn’t know about it.

Anytime there is an incident reported on radio or on local news with details of delays, roadblocks or accidents, it is likely to have been because of a Highways England traffic monitoring camera.

In fact, if you go to Highways England’s website you can enter a postcode or town and see the location of the different types of cameras in your area.

You can also see any reports of incidents, roadworks or adverse weather conditions, none of which would be possible without CCTV cameras!

CCTV Monitoring For Road And Rail

It is sometimes overlooked about how much work goes on behind the scenes when using CCTV for road and rail.

Each set of cameras has staff who are responsible for the recording and retrieval of CCTV footage. Some are trained to monitor live CCTV footage and spot potential criminal activity or suspects.

Our sister company First County Monitoring provide CCTV monitoring along with several other alarm monitoring services, so if you would like to find out more about what they do then head over to their website for a look here.

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