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Choosing The Best Intruder Alarm Installer

Choosing The Best Intruder Alarm Installer

It is the start of a new year and you may be thinking of improving the security of your home or business with an intruder alarm, but how do you go about choosing the best intruder alarm installer?

24 Hour Monitoring

When you choose an intruder alarm installer look for a company that provide alarm monitoring.

Companies such as our sister company First County Monitoring provide 24-hour monitoring each day, every day.

So, you can have peace of mind during the night or anytime that you are away from your home or business.

Burglars are more likely to attempt to break in during the night so if you have your property monitored during the small hours then you are less likely to have anything stolen or any other damage occur.

Another advantage of utilising an alarm monitoring company is that they have a rapid response from the emergency services and staff at the monitoring centre are trained to assess emergency situations very quickly and decide on the next step to take.

Whether it is alerting a keyholder within seconds who can visit your property or notify the police who will attend the scene.

Most alarm monitoring companies will also have apps that can be downloaded to smart phones or laptops so you can always keep an eye on what is happening at your home or business, even if you are travelling or on holiday.

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National Security Inspectorate Approval

If you google ‘intruder alarm installer’ you will be faced with a plethora of companies to choose from, so one way to narrow down the field is to look for alarm installers that have been accredited by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI)

The NSI are the UK’s regulatory organisation for any businesses in the fire and security industry. They were established to ensure that fire and security providers meet required standards of competency.

So, you can be sure that any security and fire provider who has been given the seal of approval by the NSI will operate to a high professional standard.

Needless to say, Mayfair Fire & Security have been approved by the NSI!

They have also created a handy company checker on their website so you can search a particular company to see if they have NSI approval or even search by postcode to see which accredited companies are in and around your area.


More anacronyms sorry! The Approved Contractor Scheme was put together to “raise performance standards and to assist the private security industry in developing new opportunities.”

The Approved Contractor Scheme is entirely voluntary and was created in consultation with several representatives from across the Fire and Security sector.

The Contractors Health And Safety Assessment Scheme (aka CHAS) are one of the leading organisations in Health And Safety assessments, for all industries not just the fire and security industry.

As they say on their own website “As one of the founders of third-party accreditation we are not only a trusted advisor on health and safety compliance, we are an authority. We set industry benchmarks, provide assurance and reassurance, and offer best-in-class services that are easy to use and cost effective.”

Do Intruder Alarm Fitters Install New Equipment?

If you are going to the trouble (and cost) of having intruder alarms installed, you want to be sure that the alarms and equipment you are buying are new and working correctly.

Stay clear of any intruder alarm fitters that offer ‘as new’ or reconditioned equipment. The older the alarm is the more likely it is to need to be maintained and the chances of it not working increase.

One of the standards that must be met if they are to get the accreditation from the NSI is that they have to demonstrate that their alarm equipment is brand new and working.

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Compliance Certificates For Intruder Alarm Installers

If a fire and security company has been issued with certification of compliance it shows that all their intruder alarm equipment and installation methods meet the British and European standards.

One example of these standards is the BS 5839: fire detection & alarm systems for buildings.

Testimonials Or Reviews

One last thing to check that can help you in choosing the best intruder alarm installer is if they have any reviews or client testimonials on their website.

Anyone can say that they are a fantastic intruder alarm company but having proof from a client goes much further!

Get In Touch

If you would like any more information about choosing the best intruder alarm fitter or would like to find out more about the fire safety and security solutions that we provide here at Mayfair Fire & Security, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can get in touch with us via our contact page here or phone us on 0808 178 074.

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