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Do Police Respond To Home Alarm Systems?

Do Police Respond To Home Alarm Systems?

The police do not typically respond to a home alarm unless it is installed and monitored by a properly certified company.

In this blog we will explore what that means and how to ensure the police respond to your home alarm system if your home is broken into.


Why Might A Police Response Be Needed?

Imagine the worst is happening. Your window or door sensors are triggered by an intruder whilst you are out or during the night.

What happens next?

The intruder might be able to creep around your home uninterrupted for a long while. Imagine the damage they can do in that time!

If you are lucky, they might just steal some of your treasured possessions. If you are unlucky, they might vandalise your home too. Not only does this cause a lot of irreparable damage but it can lead to stress and anxiety in the victims, especially children, as they feel their sanctuary has been violated.

Or, a neighbour might hear the alarm and look out of their window. Unless they see a door swinging open or broken glass, are they really going to be able to tell the alarm is going off for a genuine reason? Or are they likely to tut and go back to whatever they were doing?


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Even if they do assume the alarm is genuine, what might they realistically do?

Interrupt the burglary themselves? Risky for them.

Call you? Probably too late by the time you get back.

Call the police? Ideally, yes. But by that time how long have the intruders been rampaging around your home?

An automatic police response to a home alarm is the ideal situation. In this scenario, your alarm goes off and the police are alerted within seconds.

Any time saved during an intrusion is important.


When Will The Police Respond To A Home Alarm?

The police will respond to a home alarm if they have been sent by an Alarm Receiving Centre and the alarm has been fitted by a properly regulated and authorised fitter, such as us.

Because we are accredited by the NSI for our alarm fitting services and our alarm monitoring, we can get a guaranteed level one police response. Read more about what a level one police response is lower down.

There doesn’t exist an alarm that is directly connected to a police dispatch centre. This is because false alarms happen and too many false alarms are a huge drain on precious resources.  


What Is A Level One Police Response?

There are two levels of police response that apply to home burglar alarms and commercial burglar alarms. These are guided by the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC)

They come into play when the police are requested either by a person on the scene of a crime witnessing the crime taking place or from an alarm receiving centre that has verified the alarm is genuine.

Level one is an immediate response, as long as there are resources available and it is deemed a priority at that point. It goes without saying, a risk to human life will be prioritised over risk to property.

A level three police response is, essentially, no response. This is when the police response has been withdrawn. This can happen after three false calls in a rolling twelve-month period from an intruder alarm.

That is why our alarm monitoring is done through our own alarm receiving centre, First County Monitoring. As a leading UK ARC, they have an exceptional track record of keeping false police attendant requests practically non-existent.

 Image of an alarm receiving centre for blog by Mayfair Fire and Security on Do Police Respond To Home Alarm Systems


What Happens When A House Alarm Goes Off?

At Mayfair Fire And Security, we only install alarms of the highest quality, utilising the best technology on the market.

When one of our monitored alarms is activated, an alert goes through to our alarm receiving centre. That alert is assessed by a trained and qualified operator who use their experience and judgement to decide on the best course of action. They do this very quickly.

If they believe a police response is needed, they will contact the police local to the area of the alert.

They bypass the 999 control room to ensure they get a much faster response. This is achieved through a Unique Reference Number (URN).

The URN is given to alarm receiving centres accredited by the NSI who continue to demonstrate exceptional practices in alarm fitting and monitoring.


How Do I Get A Monitored Home Alarm System?

If you would like a monitored police response intruder alarm system, get in touch with us.

First of all, we will come out to your property to assess the risks and hazards. This will include conducting a thorough review of the perimeter of your home to identify the best places for the intruder alarm sensors.

We will discuss alarm options with you and help you decide on a suitable solution. You don’t have to have a monitored alarm system if you prefer not to. There are plenty of options we can take you through.

From there we will install your alarm and test it to ensure it is working as it should. Once we are happy with it, we will train you how to use it.

You can always contact us afterwards if you are unsure about any of the features. We will come and service your alarm annually if that is part of your contract.

To arrange a visit or consultation, please call us on 0800 917 9385, email or fill in the contact form here.

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