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Elderly Care Alarms: Looking After The Elderly In Their Home

Elderly Care Alarms: Looking After The Elderly In Their Home

Looking after elderly people can be time-consuming and stressful for all concerned and anything that helps ease the burden should be considered. So, this week we will take a look at some technology that could help, in our latest blog, Elderly Care Alarms: Looking After The Elderly In Their Home.


What Are Elderly Care Alarms?

You may have seen those red buttons that some elderly people have to assist them if they have a fall or need urgent help.

But there is so much more to elderly care alarms than that and here at Mayfair we provide a smart alarm that offers a wide range of protection for older people and their family or carers.

How Is The Smart Elderly Care Alarm Different?

Unlike the standard elderly care alarms, the smart alarm has a wide variety of functions that you may not have heard of. So, let’s go through some of the innovative functions of the smart alarm.

Personal Pendant Alarms

These are the red buttons that we mentioned earlier, traditionally used for calling for medical assistance.

The Mayfair smart elderly care alarms can do this and be used in conjunction with these added types of alarms listed below.

Activity Monitors

Standard elderly care alarms are often dependent on the person activating them if they need help.

The smart alarm takes a different and more proactive approach. It will monitor the activity of a person and if it hasn’t sensed any movement or activity for a long time it will alert the family or carer of an elderly person.

Property Exit Monitors

A door sensor can be programmed to send an alert if someone has left a property and not returned.

They can be custom set for specific periods of time, day or night and can also send an alert if a door has opened and not been closed for a long time.

These types of alarms would be particularly useful for those that have a cognitively impaired condition such as Alzheimer’s.

Medication Dispenser Alarms

Forgetting to take the right medication at the right time can be easily done by the best of us, let alone someone who needs special care.

The medication dispenser alarms can be filled with the correct meds by a family member and alarms and alerts can be set as a reminder several times a day.

It takes the stress of having to remember to take medication away and gives peace of mind to family and/or carers without them having to worry or make an unscheduled visit.

Flood Monitors

We’ve all started to run a bath, then got distracted by a phone call and then quickly run back into the bathroom to stop the bath overflowing.

For someone in elderly care that may have memory problems this could cause a fall or more serious flood damage.

The smart elderly care alarms can be used to automatically send an alert once a certain level of water is breached in a bath, sink or wet room.


the image shows an elderly person happy and reading for blog on elderly care alarms

Bed & Chair Sensors

These sensors are helpful for either someone who has to remain in bed for a long period of time, for example, if they have had a stroke.

The sensor could be set to activate if it senses that there hasn’t been anyone in the bed for a period of time.

Conversely it could be used to monitor someone who is supposed to be more active during certain hours and make sure that they haven’t been taken ill and are struggling to move.

Gas & Temperature Sensors

It’s coming up to winter now and already it’s started to get colder at night. Some elderly people may struggle to have enough mobility to change the heating settings and may end up too cold during the long winter months.

The gas and temperature sensors can ensure that their house or flat never goes below or above an agreed temperature.

This also has the added benefit of cost savings, so the heating isn’t left on all year long.

Smoke, Heat & Electricity Monitors

Smoke and heat monitors operate in a similar way to the regular smoke and heat alarms that are found in most domestic properties.

The elderly care alarm also has an electricity monitor. This would be particularly useful for ensuring that any electrical equipment isn’t left on during the night.

This will reduce the risk of any equipment overheating or fuses blowing if there was a thunderstorm in the small hours of the night.

Get In Touch

if you would to find out more about the smart elderly care alarms that we provide, then please head over to the elderly care alarms page on our website to have a good look.

Our team of trained experts will also be more than happy to have a chat with you if you’d like further information about looking after the elderly in their home.

You can call us on 0800 917 9385 or contact us via our online form here.

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