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Farm Security

Farm Security

Why Do Farms Need Security?

Long gone are the days when all that was on a farm was some sheep, some barns and some old farm equipment.

These days farms can have as much valuable property, if not more, than a large corporate building.

They are also using more innovative technology than you think. For example, one farm in the UK is using 5G technology so that cows can be in control of their own milking.

Driveway alarms

Unlike other businesses, by their very nature, farms use lots of space outside the main farmhouse. So, a conventional intruder alarm would not cover enough area.

For that reason, driveway alarms are seen as the ideal solution. The driveway alarm emits a beam across a driveway and when the beam is broken it activates an alarm in the main farmhouse building.

Some driveway alarms also have a vehicle tracker alarm, so it can alert you when a car or van enters the driveway instead of a farm worker on foot.

the image shows farm equipment

Farm Alarms

Such has been the demand for alarms designed for the farm industry, a company called Alarms For Farms has gone from a company supplying one wireless gateway alarm system in 1994, to a whole range of innovative security solutions for the farm and equestrian industries in 2019.

Among their cutting edge solutions are diesel theft prevention alarms, solar farm security and roof alarms.

They also manufacture long range wireless cameras with night vision, ideal for monitoring foals and other young and vulnerable animals.

Automatic Farm Gates And Barriers

We are sure we have all, when traveling through the countryside, stopped the car to get out and open a large metal or wooden farm gate in order to carry on travelling.

Some clever inventors have designed farm gates and barriers that can activated automatically or remotely.

The Essex based company, Wellington Security, have designed trackless and solar powered farmgates. The trackless gates are particularly popular because there make it hard if not impossible for ram raiders to break through them.

For more dynamic access control to farmland a company from Cambridgeshire called Tailormade have the perfect solution.

They make road barriers that are virtually indestructible, two steel gates plus a huge steel lip that is buried in a trench in the ground and be raised and lowered at the flick of a switch.

the image shows a farmer working on a gate

Locks And Padlocks

A more traditional security method but no less useful than new technology based solutions, good old locks and padlocks are a mainstay of security in rural locations.

Make sure you do some research and shop around before you buy. Locks and padlocks can be purchased relatively cheaply, but you really do get what you pay for.

Look at how the locks are made a put yourself in the position of a burglar, would they be enough to deter a would be intruder from trying to enter your property?

Check out the reviews on trade websites or even on amazon, a lock may look fantastic on paper and may even be ideal for domestic usage, but if there are several one or two star reviews stating that they are inadequate for farmland use, then steer well clear!


Of course, CCTV, or good CCTV, will cost a bit more than the more traditional locks and padlocks but could save money, time and a whole load of stress if a professional system is installed and the cameras placed in the right areas.

It is definitely worth looking into getting a professional CCTV installer to do all the hard work for you.

For example, here at Mayfair Fire & Security we won’t just supply ‘off the shelf’ CCTV solutions. We will conduct a site survey, to make sure we supply the right security solution for your farm security needs.

We will also regularly maintain any and all security products and solutions that we provide, so you won’t have to worry about them becoming faulty or damaged in the course of daily farm life.

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We hope that you have found our farm security blog useful, if you would like anymore information on farm security or would like to find out a bit more about the security solutions that we provide then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

You can telephone on us 0808 1780748, or get in touch using our online contact form here.

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