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Fire Alarm Fitters In Yorkshire

Fire Alarm Fitters In Yorkshire

Ee by gum, Yorkshire, eh?! It’s God’s own country.
We’ve got all the best things here in Yorkshire; Yorkshire puddings, Yorkshire tea, Yorkshire bank. And, of course, Yorkshire fire alarm fitters too.

Because, even in this glorious and diverse county of ours – the largest county in the UK in fact – disasters can still happen. Whether you’re in God’s own country or not, fires are still going to happen both in the home and in your work place too.


Why Do I Need A Fire Alarm?

To be blunt, fire alarms save lives.

Both in the home and at work, fire alarms are the most basic piece of kit that will ensure you and your family, friends and colleagues stand a better chance of making your way out of a burning building with your lives.

No matter how careful you are, a fire can break out at the drop of a hat and can spread in seconds. Fire alarms – as well as heat alarms – will give you that first line of defence to protect yourself and the people you most care about.

Whilst household and workplace fires are these days thankfully rare, they do still occur and you never know when the threat will strike. Particularly in areas of high risk, such as kitchens, households where people smoke, factories etc., a fire can occur despite any evasive actions you may take and, once that fire begins to spread, the threat to life is both imminent and severe.

As we have seen from recent high profile news stories in the UK, fires can spread in minutes and not just endanger the property in which it starts, but those around it too, as well as countless lives.

If fire and heat alarms are fitted appropriately, they will provide that crucial early warning system, allowing you and your loved ones to remove yourself from the danger immediately and allowing the fire brigade to attend the premises and extinguish the fire more rapidly, thereby reducing the risk to everyone involved.

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Who Can Fit A Fire Alarm?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not entirely straight forward, as the answer depends on a number of factors, such as whether or not we are talking about a residential or business premises and whether or not the alarms in question are battery or mains operated etc.

As a general rule of thumb, in the UK, anyone is permitted to fit a battery operated firm alarm. You do not require any special training to fit basic but satisfactory fire and heat alarms that will save lives. This applies whether or not you are talking about a residential or business premises.

However, with regard to business premises, the issue is muddied slightly by the current legislation around fire safety. According to the UK Fire Alarm Regulations, part of ‘The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005’, (known as the RRO), then “all business premises must have ‘an appropriate fire detection system’”. This does not mean that you can’t still fit battery operated fire alarms yourself, but it does mean that are certain circumstances in which it will not be appropriate. If you are in doubt about this or require further information, then you can check out the Gov.UK website for the full details.

On the other hand, if you are talking about mains operated fire alarms, then these must be fitted by a qualified electrician.

However, regardless of which type of fire alarms you are looking at having fitted, it is always wise to consult a professional fire safety consultant first, for a number of reasons.

Why Should I Choose A Professional Fire Alarm Fitter To Fit My Fire Alarms?


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Whilst it is perfectly acceptable to fit certain fire alarms by yourself, it is always advisable to consult a professional fire alarm fitter, as there are a number of factors that will determine how many fire alarms you need, where they should be located and what type of alarms you require. These will be things such as;

  1. How many people live/work in your premises and what they do, for e.g., are some of them smokers or do they have a lot of electrical equipment, such as games machines?
  2. What activities are carried out in your premises, for e.g. are cooking (kitchens are a high risk area), cleaning (flammable chemicals may be stored) or industry (welding, for e.g., is a high-risk activity) carried out on site?
  3. How close is your premises to other premises, for e.g. do you live in a block of flats or do other business premises adjoin yours?
  4. Are there any aggravating factors that will delay people from exiting the building quickly in the event of a fire, for e.g. are some people disabled or is there limited access to and from the premises?
  5. Are there any legal requirements that will determine how your fire alarm system is set up, for e.g. are you complying with the current basic UK fire regulations or do your circumstances require you to comply with a higher set of regulations?

Of course, this is not an exclusive list and a professional fire alarm fitter will be able to take all of these factors and more into account and work out the best early fire detection for you.

Need A Fire Alarm Fitting In Yorkshire? Contact Mayfair Security.


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Hence, if you live or work in this great county of ours – Yorkshire, of course – and you are looking for a reliable fire alarm fitter that you can trust, you can’t do better than contacting Mayfair Security.

Whether you just want a couple of standard fire alarms fitting in your home or you need a full fire detection system for your business, we can help.

Our fire experts have years of experience and know the law and the available options inside out, so they are able to carry out a full fire safety audit and recommend - then install – the perfect fire detection system for you. Ensuring not only that you remain legally compliant, but that you also protect the people and things you hold most dear.

If you’re looking for a fire alarm fitter in Yorkshire, then contact Mayfair Security today by phoning 01757 701596 or emailing

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