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Keyholding Services For Landlords

Keyholding Services For Landlords

Being a landlord is so much more than collecting rent each month, if they have a full-time job it’s a struggle to fit all the tenants and legal requirements into a working day, which is why keyholding services for landlords are such an excellent idea.

What Exactly Is A Keyholding Service?

Keyholding is not just giving the key to your door to someone. A 24-hour keyholding service, such as the one we provide at Mayfair Security offers several other security solutions.

A professional keyholding service will attend a property if an alarm is activated, they will stay at the property until they are satisfied that it is safe, or until the emergency services arrive.

As keyholding is a twenty-four-hour service, it takes the pressure off of landlords having to respond to and emergencies in the small hours of the night or if they are at work or on holiday.

Landlords Rules And Regulations

Every landlord knows that the responsibilities and legal obligations they are required to meet are very comprehensive.

From property maintenance to gas safety checks and everything in-between, landlords have to make sure that their tenants are living safely.

A keyholder can be at the property to let a gas engineer in, wait to see that they are carrying out the work and be there to lock up when they have finished.

If there is a problem with a leaking roof in the middle of December and both the tenant and landlord have to go to work, then access to the property is limited, which can delay very important repair work.

With keyholding services for landlords, they keyholder can be at the property, ensuring that the property is made safe and safe for the tenant as soon as possible.

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Lost Keys!

We have all done it, left the house, got in the car to drive to the shops, check your pockets to make sure that you’ve got your k…..oh no I’ve left the front door key on the kitchen table!

Landlords will (hopefully) have spare keys for the property, but that means either the tenant travelling to wherever the landlord is, or vis versa

Keyholders can look after spare keys and be able to resolve the situation with little or no inconvenience to the tenant or landlord.

Keyholding For Vacant Properties

We have written in more detail recently about how keyholding for vacant properties is incredibly useful and how it very easy from an empty property to became broken into, damaged or start to look run down.

Keyholders can check a property on the inside and outside, take meter readings, switch utilities off or on and make sure the outside space is kept clean and tidy.

Many landlords will rely on the income from a tenant’s rent and the longer a property is empty the more this could cause financial problems.

With a keyholding service, landlords can be sure that their property will look welcoming and inviting for any prospective tenant to move in to as soon as possible.

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How To Choose Keyholding Services For Landlords

You may be thinking, ok I think this is an excellent idea, but I’ve had a look on google and how do I know which company to choose that offer a keyholding service?

That’s a good question and there are some pointers we can give you here today.

Firstly, look for an accredited security company. The two main security approval companies to look for are the NSI and the SIA.

The NSI (National Security Inspectorate) are the “leading certification body for the security and fire protection industries in the UK”
You can search for an NSI approved security provider near you on their website here.

SIA, not to be confused with the singer of ‘Chandelier’, are the Security Industry Authority who have been appointed by the Home Office to regulate the security industry.

The SIA have two main duties:

“One is the compulsory licensing of individuals undertaking designated activities within the private security industry; the other is to manage the voluntary Approved Contractor Scheme, which measures private security suppliers against independently assessed criteria.”

Both the NSI and SIA have a rigorous set of standards that have to be met and regularly maintained in order to gain their seal of approval.

Of course, it goes without saying that here at Mayfair Security we are approved by the NSI, SIA, along with other certification bodies and security regulation companies.

Secondly, check for customer reviews and testimonials, if they have good reviews it is a good indicator they can be trusted.

Get In Touch

If you would like some more information on keyholding services for landlords, or the other security solutions that we provide, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can get in touch with using our online contact page here or call us on 0808 178 074.

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