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Protect Your Business Over Christmas

Protect Your Business Over Christmas

Over the Christmas period, everyone likes to relax and have a few days off with family and friends. But if you have your own business it can be tricky to switch off and you may now be thinking of how to protect your business over Christmas.

Christmas Crime Statistics

According to statistics, there is a spike in crime over the Christmas period. As reported in the Daily Telegraph “It is thought that the spike in these Christmas crimes could be caused by people leaving their homes to visit relatives for Christmas Day or New Year. In recent weeks, police have been urging families not to advertise the expensive items they received as gifts by putting out packaging for valuable items on the street for refuse collection.”

Interestingly enough the analysis shows that West Yorkshire had the highest amount of burglaries, with 1,062 being reported over the Christmas holidays.

So, let’s have a look at some of the tips we can give you and help you to protect your business over Christmas.

Keys And Locks

This may sound obvious but locking doors, windows and any outbuildings is a must. Burglars will look for any weakness in security in order to gain access.

So, if there are any small windows that the lock is a bit loose and you have been meaning to fix it, get it done before Christmas.
Do you have a list of keyholders and is it up to date?

It is easy to pass keys to an employee to lock up one night and then they leave and don’t hand the keys in. So, make sure that your keyholders know the security procedures and will keep any keys for the business kept securely when they are at home or out and about.

One thing that seems to have become normal practice and we would definitely recommend that you don’t do it, is to hide spare keys under a doormat, in a plant pot, or in other ‘safe’ places.

Over time, burglars have cottoned on to this idea and started to look in these ‘safe’ places to get a key and break in.

Here at Mayfair we also offer a Keyholding Service and recently we wrote about why this particular service would be useful over the Christmas period.

the image shows an office Christmas party

Protect Your Business Over Christmas With CCTV & Alarms

One of the most efficient ways to protect your business over Christmas is to install an intruder alarm and/or CCTV system.
If you do, then be sure to make sure they are highly visible and with CCTV you will need to put signs up informing people that CCTV cameras are in operation.

This has to be done from a legal standpoint but as a high percentage of burglaries are spur of the moment it has the added benefit that if a would be burglar sees that a property is alarmed or monitored with CCTV they are less likely to attempt to break in or cause any damage.

Of course, you can install alarms or CCTV cameras yourself but have you considered using a professional alarm company?

Here at Mayfair Fire & Security we provide a wide variety of security solutions, from intruder alarms to CCTV, keyholding and through our sister company First2HelpYou, lone worker security solutions.

the image shows an office worker putting up some Christmas decorations

Skeleton Staff & Lone Workers

In the same way that burglars will look to target houses if it looks like there is nobody at home, they will do the same for businesses.
You may have less staff working between Boxing Day and January so there a few tips we can give to help protect your staff over Christmas.

If one of your employees is lone working in your business, then the idea is to make it look like there are more people there. So, for example, switch lights on in more than one room so from the outside it looks like everyone is in.

Arrange to have a check in phone call with your business if there is a lone worker or skeleton staff. They could feel isolated and not wanting to call you because it is Christmas.

Reassure them that if they feel the need to speak to you for whatever reason while they are at work then it is perfectly fine to speak to you.

After all they are looking after your business while you are on holiday!

Our sister company First2HelpYou recently wrote a blog post on Office Safety For Christmas with lots of useful guidance that we would recommend you read.

Get In Touch

If you would like any more help and guidance on how to protect your business over Christmas, or about the security solutions that we provide here at Mayfair Fire & Security then please do get in touch.

Our team will be more than happy to have a chat and you can telephone us on 0800 917 9385, email us at, or contact us using our online form here.


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