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Protecting Your Commercial Assets with Security Systems

Protecting Your Commercial Assets with Security Systems

When we think about crime and security systems, often it is cybercrime that first comes to mind. While the media often contains stories about the impact of cybercrime on businesses, it can be physical criminal activity that threatens your commercial assets, which is when security systems are essential.

Our Yorkshire-based service specialises in security systems designed to give businesses the protection they need.

In the Government’s 2017 Commercial Victimisation Survey, shoplifting was shown to be on the rise, with 24% of businesses experiencing it. It accounted for 63% of all crime in the wholesale and retail sector. Businesses also reported a rise in assaults and threats against staff.

There was also a recorded increase in robbery in the agriculture, forestry and fishing sector and a large rise in theft in manufacturing.

While online crime is a growing concern, robbery, theft and vandalism continue to be problems for businesses across various sectors.

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What Assets Does Your Business Have?

Tangible assets can be of enormous value to a business. They can help you generate revenue, ensure that your business operates smoothly and efficiently, and increase your business’s overall value.

These assets may typically include your inventory, equipment, property and also your employees.

They make up the physical, material and financial resources of your business and, as the figures above show, all of them can come under threat from physical criminal activity.

Improving the physical security of your business is an essential step in protecting your commercial assets, and the first thing to do is assess your risks.

Assessing the Risk to Your Assets

Improving your security while keeping an eye on your budget means taking the most effective measures based on a clear risk assessment.

This should help you prioritise the security systems which will be most effective for you, offering the kind of protection your business needs the most.

Consider what threats are specific to your business’s assets and identifying the biggest ones. Some may be built-in, and therefore be difficult to control or reduce. But others will be things you can address through the right kind of security systems.

At a fundamental level, consider your windows, your locks and your lighting. All these things can be weaknesses or provide opportunities for burglars.

A basic upgrade of your security, before you install more wide-ranging systems, should involve looking at your locks on doors and on windows. You might consider investing in window and door security bars.

Good outdoor lighting can act as a deterrence to thieves or vandals, and ensure you have well-lit entry points to your business. Motion-sensor lighting can also be a great help.

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Installing Security Systems

Improving basic security is one thing, but protecting your commercial assets can be more effective if you install a security system which will actively detect intruders.

CCTV systems will keep a watchful eye on your premises. This can be anything from a single camera to a multi-site installation.

The latest CCTV technology can be fully integrated with access control and intruder and fire alarm systems, providing a comprehensive record of any incidents. This is immensely useful should you then be looking for a legal outcome following theft or vandalism. CCTV systems also act as a powerful visual deterrent in their own right.

Intruder alarms provide essential protection to businesses, including smart alarms, which have automated features to allow expert remote monitoring and control.

Again, as with CCTV, the presence of the system itself has value as a deterrent to burglars.

The Importance of Access Control

As well as surveillance and alarm systems, controlling who enters your premises is a valuable addition to your security arrangements. By monitoring who can enter your business, you exert much more control over general movement in and out of your premises.

These access control systems are effective but not overly intrusive and can be integrated into various entry systems, including intercom-controlled, keyless entry and video door entry.

Effective access control means you can identify who is wanting to enter and exit your building from a central point. You can use innovative facial and number-plate recognition technology for automated checking.

Access control allows you to limit entry as required, and you can minimise the security risks arising from lost keys by introducing keyless entry.

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Supporting Your Security Systems

Physical security for business premises is made more effective with a professional support network underpinning it.

This can include guarding and keyholding, including 24-hour static manned guarding and mobile security patrols.

There is the option for keyholding services, which allows professional security personnel to ensure a building is both internally and externally secure, along with a 24-hour manned alarm response service.

Another layer of support for business security systems comes from 24-hour alarm monitoring, through Mayfair Security’s in-house alarm receiving centre.

When an alarm is activated, it sends a signal to the control centre, which then causes a rapid response, either alerting a keyholder or, in some situations, the police.

The Complete Security Picture

Businesses need to be aware of all aspects of security, cyber and physical, and take the necessary, appropriate measures to protect their commercial assets. Don’t let security become an issue only after an incident of theft, vandalism or even assault. It makes sense to be proactive and invest in a security system that will deter thieves and protect your business.

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