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Protecting Your Data With Security Systems

Protecting Your Data With Security Systems

When we think of protecting data, we look at password changes, email encryption and data storage. But we also need to protect where the data is stored, and the best solution is protecting your data with security systems.

Protecting Your Data With Access Control

Access control systems are an ideal way of restricting access of a particular room or area to only those individuals that have been granted permission.

You may think that they would only be used in places like banks or hospitals, but they are increasingly being used by all types of businesses.

Although access control can be used to stop unauthorised people getting into a building, they can also be used to protect your data.
An access control system on a room containing your companies servers means that is less risk of someone getting into the room to cause problems or steal data or hardware.

The permissions for an access control system will be stored locally on site and usually an administrator or head of department would decide who is allowed to gain access.

They can be instantly changed too, so if a member of staff leaves, their access can be denied immediately, rather than waiting for them to hand in any access card, fob, or keys.

the image shows a biometric access control panel being used

Protecting Your Data With Guarding And Keyholding

Another way of protecting your data with security systems it to use a guarding and keyholding service.

Your company may have extremely sensitive financial or medical information held on certain hard drives and filing cabinets and you may want an added layer or security to give you peace of mind.

Guarding, which is pretty much self-explanatory, means that there is a physical presence at your business premises.

Just by having a guard in uniform at the front of a building will be enough to deter many criminals from attempting to gain access.

A keyholding service is where a group of trained keyholders are responsible for attending your business as quickly as possible should there be an alert that an intruder is attempting to get in.

They are highly skilled in dealing with a possible real time intruder situation and will stay at your location until either the suspect has fled or been caught, or until the emergency services get there.

This means that you have a very fast response team in place should something happen in the middle of night or if you are away on a business trip.

the image shows a security guard protecting entry to a building

Protecting Your Data With CCTV Security Systems

Access control and guarding/keyholding are going to help protect your data but used in isolation there is still a chance that someone could get or hack an access code or slip past a guard.

If you choose to protect your data with security systems, you want to be sure that you have got all bases covered and CCTV cameras will certainly help you do that.

With the best will in the world, no security system is infallible, there is always going to be a chance that someone get access to a room or data that they shouldn’t be in.

By using CCTV cameras you will be able to quickly identify who the perpetrator is and the footage could become invaluable for the Police in trying to catch the guilty party.

The footage can also be used as evidence, should the incident go to court.

CCTV systems can also be used to make sure that any data isn’t being misused by any employees.

Not in a Big Brother spying way, but if a usb disk or hard drive disappears, it can be a highly effective way of proving that is was done by an outsider, not a mischievous or disgruntled employee.

Protect Your Data With Intruder And Fire Alarms

As we said earlier, each security system taken on it’s own, will only offer limited protection.

Fire and Intruder alarms could prove to be vital and in an emergency situation save lives and money.

Data stored on servers in server rooms has to be kept at a certain temperature, if the temperature control is faulty, then systems can overheat and there is a fire risk.

We all know how quickly fire can spread, so by the time an employee is alerted it can be too late to save the room or building, let alone the data on the servers.

Intruder alarms are a very effective way of protecting your data and premises when there isn’t anyone there.

Even more effective is a monitored intruder alarm, such as our sister company, First County Monitoring can provide.

This means that should an alarm be activated; an alert is sent to the alarm receiving centre and they will either notify a keyholder or the police.

So, you can be sure that someone will attend as soon as possible instead of leaving the alarm going off for hours and hours.

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We hope that we successfully explained how you can protect your data with security systems but if you do want to find out some more information then please do get in touch.

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