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Safety Monitoring In Education

Safety Monitoring In Education

We often think of CCTV and safety monitoring being used for corporate buildings or on the high street and in shops, but the education industry is increasingly using safety monitoring technology. So, this week we thought we would have a look at safety monitoring in education.


Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. They are responsible for “inspecting services providing education and skills for learners of all ages. We also inspect and regulate services that care for children and young people.”

As part of The Education Act, Ofsted say that “appropriate arrangements must be taken to ensure children’s and learners’ security, taking into account the local context."

This has led to CCTV and other safety monitoring technology being introduced to the different sectors of education.

the image shows a classroom

CCTV Monitoring In Education

Whereas CCTV is usually used to prevent crime or to catch criminals, it also is being used in a more positive way in education. With schools and colleges using the technology to enhance their safety and safeguarding policies.

So, CCTV can be used a security measure in and around school gates and perimeters, providing an extra layer of reassurance to parents and staff, but it can also be used in the following ways.

Safety Monitoring To Prevent Bullying

Any parent or anyone that works with children will have experienced an issue with a child saying that something happened in our outside school or college that has upset them.

It can be tricky sometimes to get to the bottom of what has happened. When people are upset, they often find it hard to explain from start to finish.

And children being children, these incidents can frequently occur outside of the eyes and ears of grownups.

Schools and colleges have started to install CCTV cameras in playgrounds and schools so that they can monitor the times when teachers or parents are not around.

Using them in this way can solve a lot of time and trouble in establishing if an incident such as bullying is taking place and then it can be resolved quicker.

It also means that teachers or parents aren’t as reliant on children plucking up enough courage to mention that all is not well.

Colleges for older children can use this type of safety monitoring to check that teenagers aren’t smoking on college premises or bringing in friends who aren’t supposed to be at college with them.

Burglar or intruder alarms will also be useful, reducing the risk of break ins and criminal activity such as arson.

the image shows a lesson in a classroom being monitored

CCTV Monitoring For Lessons

Another positive way to utilise CCTV Safety monitoring in education is to use it for training teachers.

Monitoring a lesson with CCTV is less intrusive than having a person sat at the back of the class. This means that you will also get a more natural view of how teachers and students interact.

Students will be less likely to either play up or be unnaturally well behaved as they may be if they had a ‘guest’ in their lesson.
Teachers can then review the footage and use it as feedback for themselves or for other teachers.

Safety Monitoring For Staff

Secondary schools or colleges may have incidents of students being aggressive to staff and even in some cases, violent behaviour.
Monitoring corridors, outside areas and classrooms can be a useful way of finding out if there is a problem and taking affirmative action.

Older students will also be less likely to cause any trouble if the know that CCTV monitoring is in operation as they know there will be video evidence of any wrongdoing, not just a he said, she said scenario.

Safety Monitoring Rules And Regulations

Understandably there are a lot of regulations around the use of safety monitoring in education.

Strict procedures must be adhered to and any CCTV cameras can not be installed in private areas.

Staff, parents and students should be consulted before any safety monitoring is in place.

If not, then staff and students may feel that they are being spied on, leading to a dip in morale and parents could become suspicious of the motives behind any safety monitoring.

Our sister company First County Monitoring, recently wrote about CCTV Monitoring In Schools And Nurseries. In that blog they go through the different rules, regulations and legalities involved.

They also included several links for further reading, so we would definitely recommend having a read if you are thinking about any safety monitoring in education.

Get In Touch

There is a lot of information about safety monitoring in education out there, so we hope that you have found this week’s blog a good starting point.

if you would like any further information on safety monitoring in education or would like to find out a bit more about the security solutions that we provide then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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