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Security Installations and Commercial Properties

Security Installations and Commercial Properties

If you have your own business, the security of your premises is incredibly important, and it is vital that you choose the most suitable security system for your company.

With such a wide range of security options and systems available it can be tricky to choose one product over another.

With that in mind this week we thought we would look into this further for you with our latest blog: Security Installations and Commercial Properties.

Be Proactive Not Reactive

A lot of break ins and burglaries are opportunistic crimes. So, if there are visible deterrents on or outside your building then this will definitely stop some criminals before they even start.

Companies with security systems are most definitely less likely to be broken into than those without.

Even if a visible deterrent isn’t enough to stop an attempted crime, it means they have little time to carry out a break in or cause damage.

The Best Security Installations and Commercial Properties Deterrents.


Just by having a few well-placed signs, warning people that you have security measures in place, will be enough to make an intruder change their mind.


CCTV systems are a very effective way of ensuring that your property is always being monitored. So, if someone does decide to attempt a break in, it increases the chances of them being caught quickly.

Also, being able to capture images of the number plate of any vehicles involved will again mean a higher chance of catching the intruder.

It is definitely worthwhile looking at a CCTV system with a CCTV Monitoring Centre. That way you can be sure that someone is looking after your building 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

CCTV systems are also useful if someone has attempted a crime that isn’t a break in. Trying to set fire to a building or acts of vandalism.

The police can use CCTV footage to help them catch a criminal and use it as evidence of a criminal act.

the image shows a silver CCTV camera illustrating security installations and commercial properties

Alarm System

Obviously, it is important that only authorised people are given access to your business premises, but if someone was to break in, you want the authorities to be notified as quickly as possible.

The noise and flashing lights of alarm systems can often be enough for a break in to be suddenly aborted.

If you also have an alarm system monitoring centre, then you also have a highly trained team of people who are highly skilled in assessing alarm alerts and alerting the authorities straight away.

Using an alarm system monitoring centre also gives you the added benefit of peace of mind that your business is being monitored if you are asleep, in a meeting or on holiday.

In the same way that CCTV systems are effective for detecting arson or vandalism, alarm systems do the same but with smoke and heat detectors.

Access Control System

Not all attempted break ins or burglaries happen at night or when your business property is empty.

Quite often criminals will take a chance if they see an unlocked door or window.

Access Control Systems allow only authorised personnel to be able to enter and leave. There are various access control options available, from small key fobs, access cards and key code systems.

If you purchase a system from a trusted provider like us at Mayfair Security, we also regularly maintain the hardware and software.

All of the deterrents mentioned above will make any criminal think twice before attempting a break in or causing damage. But even if they do, if you put these preventative measures in place, it increases the chances of them being caught, and caught quickly.

the image shows two members of staff working at a computer illustrating safety at security installations and commercial properties

Staff Protection

Along with protecting your business property, you will obviously want to ensure that your employees are protected and kept safe when they are at work.

If you have professional alarm systems, CCTV and access control installed, then it gives your employees peace of mind. Making for a more comfortable working environment which in turn will have a positive effect on staff morale and productivity.

With such a wide range of security systems to choose from, you want to make sure you make the right choice the first time. If you are investing money into security systems, you need to make sure they are the most suitable for your type of business and property.

For example, heat sensor alarms are more effective in kitchen environments but don’t the same range as a smoke alarm, so more than one would need to be installed in one room.

We hope that this has answered at least some of the questions you may have had about security installations and commercial properties

How Mayfair Can Help?

Here at Mayfair we can guide you though all of the available security systems and help to make a well-informed choice.

From Intruder alarms to 24-hour monitoring centres and everything in-between! Have a good look at our website to see the services we provide.

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