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Security Services For Tourist Attractions

Security Services For Tourist Attractions

The tourism industry relies on huge numbers of people visiting attractions and this can cause health and security issues, which is why there needs to be security services for tourist attractions.

CCTV For Tourist Attractions

According to statistics produced by the UK Government, theft and public order offences increased last year and tourist attractions are prime hotspots for both.

Any area where there are large gatherings of people needs to make sure that each and every visitor is safe.

One of the most effective ways of monitoring large groups of people is CCTV.

If a particular section of a tourist attraction is starting to look too busy, then it easier to notice it from a distance and then deploy stewards to assist the situation.

CCTV can also be used proactively, to check that perimeters and barriers are working too, or to spot a fire caused by a discarded cigarette before it becomes a major problem.

Zoos will often use CCTV to monitor their animals, to make sure the areas they live in are not damaged and to make sure that any visitors to the zoo are safe.

Of course, tourist attractions are attractive propositions for thieves too.

Whether it is pickpocketing in a bustling crowd, or an attempted break in when a museum is closed, CCTV cameras can be vital in stopping or catching a thief.

Just by having signs that let people know CCTV is in operation will be enough to stop some people from attempting any break ins or vandalism

Guarding Security Services For Tourist Attractions

Most tourist attractions will employ some sort of security guard service. Often for screening visitors on arrival or to protect valuable items or property.

Of all the security services that can be used, the physical presence of security guards is likely to have the most impact with people.
24-hour guarding is useful for tourist attractions when they are closed. Most break ins or other criminal activity is likely to occur at night.

Outdoor tourist attractions where people are allowed to drink alcohol may have drunken people getting aggressive and causing trouble, professionally trained security guards can quickly resolve situations like this before they get out of hand.

the image shows tourists at an art gallery

Intruder Alarms For Tourist Attractions

Intruder (or Burglar) alarms are crucial for tourist attractions, particularly those attractions that have valuable items, such as museums and galleries.

On top of intruder alarms being used in the normal places, doors and exits, museums and galleries will use state of the art intruder alarms on artefacts and items on display.

Tourist attractions are more likely to attract professional thieves than other businesses, so the methods and type of security services need to be more sophisticated, such as motion detectors and the latest CCTV technology.

Speaking of which…

Facial Recognition For Tourist Attractions

The increase in the use of facial recognition technology made the headlines last year, and not always for the right reasons.

But whether people think it being used in the correct manor, there is no denying that the technology involved is going to change CCTV forever.

Unfortunately, we live in an age of terrorist attacks in public places and facial recognition CCTV could be used to save lives

The ability to scan the faces of visitors could mean that a wanted criminal could be identified and caught.

Facial recognition could also be crucial in identifying and find missing people or children.

the image shows tourist outside taking pictures

Alarm Monitoring For Tourist Attractions

Like every other industry, resources are tight and tourist attractions won’t always the finances to employ a 24-security department, let alone be able to train staff.

Professional alarm monitoring, like our sister company, First County Monitoring provide, means that tourist attractions can outsource their security solutions.

The time between an alarm being activated and the response from security or emergency services is crucial

Alarm monitoring is a 24 hour, 365 days a year service, where a team of trained operators monitor all alarms at a building.

If an alarm is triggered, it sends a signal to the alarm receiving centre, where they quickly decide on the next step.

This will usually be to contact a keyholder or the emergency services and can also minimise the chance of any false alarms.

This means that a tourist attraction will be looked after every hour of every day.

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