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Should I Install A Burglar Alarm Myself?

Should I Install A Burglar Alarm Myself?

Having a burglar alarm in itself is unlikely to prevent entry into your home or business if the thief is determined. It needs to be part of an overall security package. But what a burglar alarm can do is reduce the impact of a burglary and act as a deterrent to any chancers passing by. But should you install a burglar alarm yourself or should you get an expert to do it?

Find out below.

Can I Install My Own Burglar Alarm?

If the question is can install a burglar alarm yourself, the answer is yes. You can, in theory, install your own burglar alarm. You can buy burglar alarms online for between £100 and £200.

Even if you're not particularly handy, it should be a breeze. Pick one with a good review, stick the sensors up and away you go! If someone breaks in through the door or window the sensor is on, the alarm will sound.


But then what? Statistics show most people ignore a burglar alarm, especially one that goes off frequently.

You could choose a smart one that alerts you if your property is broken into, so you know that a break in is happening. Perfect if you are just down the road, but not ideal if you are half an hour away, at work for example, or even abroad.

Shoudl i Install My Own Burglar Alarm? Image of a man installing a burglar alarm

Should I Install A Burglar Alarm Myself?

Now this is a better question.

No, you should not really install a burglar alarm yourself for several reasons, as this article points out.

Why Shouldn’t I Install A Burglar Alarm Myself?

1) Having a professional review your current security measures, risks, and opportunities means you will have a thorough, well rounded security solution that can include CCTV, security lights, and alarm monitoring. You don’t get that when you stick up a few sensors.

2)  DIY burglar alarms can become very expensive. We looked at several of the top manufactures of ‘out of the box’ burglar alarms on Amazon and discovered that most sell a very basic system for your £100-£200.

Most included one door sensor. Not many homes only have one door. And what about windows? And outbuildings? So, you need to start adding additional sensors. The cost starts to mount. You may as well have a professional do it!

3) Declaring a burglar alarm on your insurance can lower your premiums. If that declared burglar alarm is not set or does not go off and you need to claim, you may find your policy is invalid. How confident are you in your abilities to properly install a burglar alarm? You should only install your own burglar alarm if you are confident you will be able to do a really thorough job. Otherwise, leave it to the professionals.

4) Installing a burglar alarm properly takes skill. Testing and tweaking the alarm effectively comes with experience and training. As does setting the motion sensors up to detect movement in the pertinent areas. You don’t want them to scan above the heads of any burglars or be triggered every time someone walks by the window.b

What's more, maintaining and servicing your burglar alarm is usually undertaken annually by the fitter to ensure your systems are still properly working.

What Sort Of Alarm Should I Have Installed?

There are several different burglar alarms you can choose from. A professional burglar alarm fitter will help you decide which is right for you.

Bells Only

A Bells only alarm does just that-it sounds an alarm if your home is broken into.

The benefits of these types of alarm are they are often cheaper and are easier to install yourself.

However, if an alarm is sounded, it is unlikely to get a response from anyone in the neighbourhood, although it may startle the burglar.

And if the batteries run down or the intruder removes the batteries it is the same as not having an alarm.

Image of a man in front of a green gate for blog by Mayfair security on Should i Install My Own Burglar Alarm?

Dialler Alarm  

A dialler alarm gives you or a nominated number a call if the alarm is triggered. These usually work of a landline.

The benefit of these types of alarms is that you are notified as soon as your alarm is triggered.

The disadvantage is that they are more complex so you probably shouldn’t install them yourself.

If you are in an area of poor signal, you won't get the call anyway. And, if you go and interrupt a burglary yourself you are putting yourself in danger.

Another disadvantage is there is no way of knowing if it is another false alert or not. Imagine leaving an important work meeting to go and attend to a false alert at home.

Professionally Installed, Monitored Alarm

Ah, the cream of the crop.

Having a professionally installed alarm is the most effective type of alarm.

The advantages are that if your home or business is broken into you can be safe in the knowledge that the alarm is working as it should.

A trained member of staff at a monitoring centre is taking immediate action, whether that is cancelling a false alert or sending the police to a genuine one.  

The disadvantage is it can be more expensive than installing your own alarm. But, as we have discussed, the value of installing your own burglar alarm is far lower. You really do get what you pay for.

Why Should I Choose Mayfair?

Should you install your own burglar alarm? Not really no. Not if you want an alarm that is guaranteed to work for years to come.

Not only will a professionally installed intruder alarm work, but it will help to prevent burglaries as they are ongoing and reduce the number of false alarms.

If you would like a no-obligation consultation for having a burglar alarm professionally installed at your home or business, get in touch with us on 0800 917 9385, email or fill in the contact form here.

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