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Staying Safe On Darker Nights

Staying Safe On Darker Nights

The clocks have gone back, we’ve had Halloween, Bonfire night and winter is here. So, we thought that this week we would give you some tips on staying safe on darker nights.

Elderly Care

Wintertime can be particularly harsh for elderly people, temperatures can rapidly plummet overnight, leading to icy paths and roads on dark mornings and darker nights.

One option that could be useful in staying safe on darker nights is a Smart Alarm. The Smart Alarm that we provide here at Mayfair Fire & Security has several functions that are especially helpful in the Winter.

Firstly, we will explain that our Elderly Care Smart Alarms are linked an alarm receiving centre 24 hours a day.

If the alarm receiving centre get an alert from the Smart Alarm, they can take the necessary action to resolve any problem that has occurred and also inform the relatives of the elderly person, so they can be sure that their relative is being looked after.

One function of the Smart Alarm worth mentioning is that they have gas & temperature monitors.

So, if for example, the temperature plummeted downwards in the small hours of the morning and the boiler was turned off, once the temperate breached an agreed level, an alert would immediately be sent to the alarm receiving centre.

They could then remotely increase the temperature of the central heating, or if it was an older central heating system, an on-call care could be alerted to attend the premises straight away.

Have a look on the Smart Alarm page on our website to find out more about how they can help elderly people in staying safer on darker nights.

the image shows a deserted street at night

Crime At Night

According to the National Office Of Statistics, “The year ending March 2018 Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) estimated that 1.7% of adults aged 16 years and over were a victim of violent crime in the previous 12 months1, equating to 1.4 million incidents of violence”

It is often reported anecdotally that more crimes are committed at night and the statistics do back this up.

Data from the March 2018 Crime Survey show that “In the year ending March 2018, the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) estimated that more than half of violent incidents (54%) occurred in the evening or during the night”

So, over half of all violent crimes occur during the night, which is a sobering thought.

All the more reason to look at some preventative measures that can be put in place to try and reduce the risk of any crime occurring.
CCTV Cameras

CCTV Cameras can be a highly effective method of crime prevention. Even just a sign saying that “CCTV Cameras are in operation in this area” could be enough to put people off from attempting anything illegal.

As well as CCTV cameras for domestic properties, CCTV cameras for businesses could help to keep staff safe on darker nights.

Particularly if they are pointed at entrance and exits or car parks, they can provide an extra layer of security and also give reassurance to staff that they are being looked after.

Guarding And Keyholding

A Guarding Service provides a business with a visible physical presence. Not only is this useful should there be any attempted criminal activity, but it is also very good for staff morale.

Having intruder alarms and CCTV cameras are effective but seeing an actual person guarding a property is vastly more reassuring.
Keyholding services mean that a home or business has a 24 hours response to any alarms that are activated.

The highly trained individuals attend they property as soon as possible and conduct a thorough search before assessing what to do next.

This is especially useful for preventing false alarms that call out the police and/or the fire brigade.

the image shows a narrow street at night

Lone Worker Monitoring

Our sister company First2HelpYou provide lone worker devices. They also provide an additional service that will help lone workers to stay safe in darker nights, lone worker monitoring.

Lone worker monitoring is a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year service where a team of highly trained staff monitor and respond to any lone worker alerts.

They monitoring staff are trained to deal with emergency situations as quickly as possible, which is exactly what lone workers need, especially if they are staying safe on darker nights.

Get In Touch

If you would like any further advice on staying safe on darker nights or have some questions about the services that we provide here at Mayfair Fire & Security and would like a free quote, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can call us on 0800 917 9385, email us at, or contact us using our online form here.


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