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The Benefits Of Residential Keyholding

The Benefits Of Residential Keyholding

The benefits of residential keyholding are simple: it provides peace of mind and extra security to protect your home.

Our home is our castle and having our most treasured possessions and sanctuary protected is a very basic requirement for happiness and safety.

Residential keyholding provides just that.

Let’s have a look at what it is and how it can help to keep you safe.

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What Is Residential Keyholding?

Keyholding is a service many security companies, including us, provide. It does pretty much what it says on the tin.

A trusted and trained security expert keeps a set of keys to your property for emergencies.

It is a bit like giving your neighbour a key except you pay for the service and your neighbour isn’t a trained security guard dedicated to keeping your property safe.

If your CCTV, intruder alarm, or fire alarm is triggered, a keyholder will go to your property and ensure all is safe. If necessary, they will wait for the emergency services and check and re-secure the property once the emergency services have left.

They will take care to reset the alarm and check all the doors and windows in case a break-in had been attempted or achieved.

A keyholder is trained and certified by the SIA, so if they do interrupt an intruder they will know how to respond safely and appropriately. Because they have been vetted you can be confident they are trustworthy and honest.


Who Is Residential Keyholding Ideal For?

Residential keyholding is perfect for:

  • Second homes
  • Holiday homes
  • Empty buy-to-let properties
  • Property going through probate
  • People who travel frequently
  • Property that is empty after someone has died
  • Student accommodation off-season
  • Time shares off-season

If your property is regularly left unattended for more than a day or two, you would be right to worry about what would happen if the fire or intruder alarm went off.

Who would secure the property? Who would check the police or fire brigade were at the right address and liaise with them? Who would reset the alarm and secure the perimeter?

These are all realistic worries if, for example, you receive an alert that your home is under attack whilst you are abroad. Wouldn’t you want a trained, trustworthy professional to immediately go to your home and see what was happening then report back?


Do I Need Residential Keyholding?

Of course, if you prefer, you could just let your neighbour or family member hold a key to your property.

You need to weigh up the risk vs reward of having a professional look after your keys.

Consider what are your neighbours or relatives like? Not everyone has a suitable neighbour. Perhaps they are elderly or infirm. Or maybe they are away a lot too. Or it could be that the properties either side are empty if you own student accommodation.

Assuming your neighbours or relatives are perfectly suitable and willing to look after your home whilst you are away, how reliable are they? Can you say with enough certainty that they will show up if an alarm goes off?

It is feasible that your neighbour or relative might not attend if the alarm goes off-what if they have popped to the shops? Or it is the middle of the night and they don’t hear it? And because it is a favour, you really can’t complain if they don’t attend.

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What Are The Benefits Of Residential Keyholding?

The benefits of residential keyholding are:

  • The keyholder has been security checked
  • The keyholder is trained on how to safely and effectively respond
  • It is guaranteed that someone will attend your property
  • You will be called and updated regularly
  • Someone will be there to meet the emergency services, if necessary
  • The property will be made secure again, even if a window has been broken, for example.
  • Attendance of a security officer can act as a deterrent if the intrusion was a ‘test run’ by the burglar or vandal
  • You may receive more favourable buildings and contents insurance quotes
  • Your keys will never be lost and will be returned to you at the end of the contract


How Do I Get Residential Keyholding Services?

If you would like to speak to an accredited keyholder provider, give us a call.

From our base in North Yorkshire we will come and assess your property to see what level of security your home needs.

From then we will work with you to put a proper plan in place.

We will also speak to your current alarm provider to ensure we are receiving alerts. If you do not have alarms installed, we can do this for you and monitor them at our dedicated alarm receiving centre run by our sister company, First County Monitoring.

Just get in touch with us on 0800 917 9385, email or fill in our contact form here.

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