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What Are The Most Common Home Security Mistakes?

What Are The Most Common Home Security Mistakes?

Home security is one of the most important things to home owners. Of course, you want to do all that you can to keep your home and family safe, but we you can't stay inside all day every day! Unfortunately, sometimes we do have to stop watching Game of Duty or Line of Thrones and leave the house, to go to work or to the shops or even better, to go on holiday. Home security inccidents can happen whilst you're at home of course, but are more likely to happen when you aren't there. 

Did you know that homes with no security measures in place are five times more likely to be burgled than those with simple security measures? Did you also know that over 80% of burglaries are committed by opportunists? Thieves and burglars will be more than happy to take advantage of opportunities such as unlocked or poorly locked doors, open or vulnerable windows, and spare keys left in obvious places such as under doormats or in plant pots. 

So, we have done some research to help you improve your home security by listing 7 common home security mistakes and what you can do to avoid them. 

Are You Making Any Of These 7 Common Home Security Mistakes?

1) Unlocked Entrances

By far the most common home security mistake that people make is leaving entrances unlocked. Burglars and thieves will always look for an easy target and the easiest is an unlocked front or back door. So ALWAYS make sure your front and back doors are locked properly and securely.

image shows a door left open with a key in it which may compromise home security

2) Unlocked or Open Windows

To us an open window on a summer’s morning is a great way to let the fresh morning air into your home, but for a burglar it’s an ideal opportunity to get into your home. So, before you leave your house make sure your windows are locked!

3) Does It Look Like You Are Not Home?

Burglars often look for properties where the owners are not at home for a long period or have gone on holiday. It makes it a lot easier for them and gives more time to plan and complete the job. So, the next time you leave your home for a long time, try to make sure you do small things that could make a big difference to your home security. For example, leave a light on in the hall way if you are out in the evening or if possible, make your neighbor aware so they can keep an eye out for unexpected visitors. Small things like these could make a burglar think twice and help minimise the chances of an attempted break in.

4) Hiding Home Security Devices

Most burglars will decide which houses to target on the outer appearance of your home. So, if you do have home security devices, don’t keep them hidden. Keep cameras and alarm systems clearly visible. Also consider putting up warning signs to alert anyone who is thinking of entering. Most burglars will avoid high risks if possible.

5) Can People See In Your House If You Are Out Or Asleep?

As we said in point number 4 most burglars judge by the outer appearance of a property. And leaving the curtains open at night can be a huge let down to the security of your home. It gives them a chance to see if there are valuable items in your home and make it easier to pin-point their target. It also gives them the opportunity to assess any vulnerabilities like children and family members and where they sleep. To help avoid these make sure you keep your curtains/blinds closed at night and importantly check that they are not transparent.

6) ‘Hiding’ Spare Keys

We have all, at one time or another, forget or lost or keys, so keeping a spare in a secret place outside the home has become a common ‘solution’ and makes sense, right? WRONG, thieves have cottoned onto this method and can be very clever at knowing where a key has been hidden away. Putting a key under the doormat, taping it to the inside of the letterbox, or hiding it under a plant pot in the front garden is simply not good enough for a skilled burglar! If you must keep a spare key outside the home, leave it with a trusted friend or neighbour.

image shows a man breaking a door open and compromising home security

7) Leaving Your Keys Near A Letterbox Or Cat Flap

Tempting as it is to store your keys in a dish or pot near your front door, this gives a burglar an easy opportunity to get access to your property without breaking in. Using a long hook, they can easily grab they keys, pull them through the letterbox or cat flap and then open your door, making any other home security provisions you have made useless.

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