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What You Need to Know About Access Control System Maintenance

What You Need to Know About Access Control System Maintenance

 Like any part of any system, the access control system has parts that can stop working and needs to be regularly maintained, so this week we are going to give you a guide in our blog: What You Need To Know About Access Control Maintenance.

What Does Access Control Do?

Access Control is a bit like the head office of your access systems. It looks after anything from security card readers on doors, barriers in car parks, locks, alarm systems, CCTV and much more.

Access control systems can also be linked to your I.T network and systems, for example staff databases that control who can access your building.

Why Would I Need Access Control System Maintenance?

Good question!

Because if for example, a door stopped opening or a car park barrier was stuck you would notice that straight away and fix it, right?
But what if no one had noticed a door not opening and then the fire alarm went off?

Or if the access control is looking after your fire alarm, what if there was a fault with the alarm during an emergency?

It’s a bit like not servicing your car regularly and then when you finally take it to the garage you end up with a rather costly bill! Or worse, break down on a remote road at night.

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Business Security

Some access control systems will use software that checks the details of staff/authorised people when they try to get in.
If you don’t keep the software and data maintained, then there is the potential of a member of staff who has left getting access to your building and systems. An insurance and GDPR nightmare!

Also, if your CCTV system is linked to your access control then it could have an adverse effect on how they operate.

Being proactive, especially with the security of you business is crucial, so regular maintenance of your system is vital and could also have the benefit of saving you money in the long term!

Who Does The Access Control Maintenance?

Most of the time the company that supplies your access control systems carry out the maintenance.

For example, here at Mayfair Security we offer solutions for all aspects of access control, from installation to maintenance. You can see more here the Mayfair Access Control page on our website.

It is possible to hire another company just to carry out the maintenance but logically it makes good business sense to us, to have the company that supplied the system also carry out the maintenance work.

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To ensure that all the different parts of your access control are maintained it is normally the case that you will have an agreed maintenance contract.

What Would Be In An Access Control Maintenance Contract?

An Access Control maintenance contract should detail the following:

  • The different parts of the system that will be maintained
  • How often they will be maintained, both regularly and proactively if agreed.
  • The cost of any systems work carried out
  • Full contact details
  • Emergency contact details
  • The cost of any emergency call outs and work
  • If there are any parts of the system that won’t be included in the maintenance

If they don’t already offer one, it is an excellent idea to ask for an access control maintence check list, so you can see exactly what work will be done and to make sure nothing is forgotten or not completed when the company visit.

What Should Be On An Access Control Maintenance Checklist?

Each company should be able to provide a checklist, most will create one just for your business. There are no set rules as to what should be on a checklist, but you would want to include:

  • Checking all electricity power supplies
  • Checking any batteries used
  • Cleaning of the system
  • Ensuring all the different physical parts of the system, card readers, doors etc are in good working order
  • Performance analysis
  • Checking the network connections and any I.T controlled parts of the system are working and up to date
  • A full system test, including the results
  • If anything is likely to need to be replaced or fixed in the future

How Can Mayfair Help?

As we said earlier, here at Mayfair Security we can look after all the various aspects of access control and ensure your business will always be safe and secure. Whether you are a small or large company we have team of experts ready to help you every step of the way.

If you would like more info, then please get in touch via our contact page or you can phone us on 0808 178 0748.

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